PhotoCentral Demo Site

Welcome to the demo pages.

This site is an example of how a photographer's site on PhotoCentral may be setup. It demonstrates how the home pages can be customised (like this one) and photos organised into different events or categories.

Homepage customisation allows the photographer to place a photo, format text  and to link to other related sites. For example, here's one that we like.

You will find that there are several different sites within this demo. A photographer may setup a new site for a specific event or client, or to create a new category for their work.

Each photogrpaher has a unique URL for their homepage and individual URLs can also be created for each event/client/category. Clients can be directed to these sites and easily browse through the albums of interest and place a photo order.

Pricing is set by the photographer. Photos are printed by the PhotoCentral Lab and dispatched directly to the client on the photographer's behalf.

Access a Private Site or Album